Intervenciones de Francis Gomila en ARTifariti 09

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BURROS DEL SAHARA LIBRE from Digital Shrines on Vimeo.

Filmed in TIFARITI. Western Sahara liberated territories for ARTIFARITI 09 Black crows share a moment with wild nomadic donkeys in the Western Sahara liberated territories. A video by Francis Gomila

Filmada en Tifariti, territorio Liberado del Sáhara Occidental, para ARTIFARITI 09. Cuervos negros comparten un momento con los asnos salvajes nómadas en los territorios liberados del Sáhara Occidental. Un video de Francis Gomila

Francis Gomila realizó para ARTifariti 09 el proyecto Tifariti Digital Shrine y en colaboración con Bettina Semmer desarrolló la intervención Piss4Peace, Pis por la Paz, denunciando la explotación ilegal de fósforo en el Sáhara Occidental.


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TIFARITI DIGITAL SHRINE a project to create a digital "shrine" in TIFARITI WESTERN SAHARA as part of ARTIFARITI 09, involving the Saharawi people in its creation and drawing on local traditions and materials as well as discarded found objects collected and donated to the artist by the people of Tifariti. The finished "shrine" will be documented and uploaded on the worldwide web as a permanent testament to the struggle of the Saharawi people. On the 29 October 2009 a live webcast will link the western Sahara to Europe LIVE on LIVESTREAM.COM

WALL OF SHAME GPS drawing from Digital Shrines on Vimeo.

MAS MINAS NO! (NO MORE MINES) Site-specific GPS drawing created by Francis Gomila at the foot of the Western Sahara "wall of shame" - A 2800 klm wall, peppered with millions of anti-personnel landmines, constructed by Morocco to keep the Saharawis from their homeland. Effectively, after the completion of the wall, Morocco has controlled the bulk of Western Sahara territory that lies to the north and west of it, calling these the kingdom's "Southern Provinces". The Polisario-founded Sahrawi Arab Democratic Republic controls the mostly uninhabited "Liberated Zone", which comprises all areas to the east of the barrier. Units from the United Nations mission MINURSO separate the two sides, and enforce cease-fire regulations on their troops. Many of Western Sahara's native Sahrawi people live as refugees in camps in the Tindouf Province of Algeria, where the Polisario is based.