Vacaciones en Paz 2011 en Alemania + Bettina Semmer y otros artistas: Who is coming from another planet?

Who is coming from another planet?
Intercultural Dialogue - Art creates publicity

Arts and Theater Workshop with children from the Western Sahara and Brandenburg.
Kleinmachnow cultural organization Kultraum e.V. and Claudia Dahremöller invited children to spend three exciting art and theater days under the artistic leadership of the Berlin artist drama teacherBettina Semmer.

Mariem Hassan with the children

Many local children participated in the workshop, and with expressions of curiosity and disbelief, they heard about the living conditions of the Saharoui children, their animals, nature, customs and hardship of the refugee life. The presentation consisted of a great painting of 2-5m dimensions about the Haima (traditional tent)and all things Saharoui, then the scenes on stage - about bombings, bank robbery and banner manifestations from the children's imagination - and finally the Saharaoui hymn, followed by German nursery rhyme "Alle meine Entchen", sweetly sung by all children together, moving the audience to tears.

Among them the two mayors of Teltow and Kleinmachnow, Jamal Zakari, official Representative of Frente Polisario in Germany, Salama Zeyou, cultural representative, and many local parents and friends. Finally, singer Mariem Hassan, the voice of Western Sahara, came to see the children who were delighted to sing along with her in an informal gathering in the beautiful gardens. Painting the wonders of Germany - rivers, lakes, animals, trees and bicycles - the children expressed their gratitude to those who made it possible for them to stay. A frequent word they said without prompting was Danke (thank you)!

Bettina Semmer (ARTifariti 2010)